Welcome to Industrial Crating Pack and Service, Inc.

Industrial Crate Services in Arizona & Nearby Areas

  • Industrial Crating Pack and Services, Inc. in AZ is here to help you with your industrial crating need. We have over 20 years of crating experience.  We have built crates of all shape and sizes.  If you are needing one crate to multiple crates we can help you determine the best way to crate up your product.
  • ICPS builds the crates at our facility and can deliver upon request.  When they arrive to you they are ready for you to package your product.  We also can supply you with the broken-down crate which you can put together on your time.  We can supply the hardware upon request.  Either way you choose delivery is available.

ISPM-15 Certified & Meets ASTM Industry Standards

  • ICPS, Industrial Crating Pack & Services AZ, is certified with the IPPC-ISPM 15 Certification. We are able to help with your overseas crating needs. ICPS will build industrial crate to your specific needs with the correct and visible stamp for over seas shipping.
  • We can provide a vapor barrier for your product if needed for shipping.  We can also supply you with the Shock Watch and Tip & Tells which can help you determine if something happens during shipment.
  • If you are needing specific requirements for your crate we are here to help you decide what is the best way to crate. You may need specific requirements like the ASTM standards, which you will tell us which ones you need. Or a crate that has a shock pallet, this can help reduce vibrations during shipment. You may need a stronger base because your shipment is very heavy.
  • At ICPS we are here to help you determine the best way to crate your product.

Please call for a quote or if you have any questions 602-244-0554!